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Which wheels are these - and a diff sort of tire question

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Can someone remind which wheels these are (pic below)? And are they easy enough to find? I recall these are decent stock wheels that aren't as prone to warping as some others (e.g. wineglass).

I have the metric speedlines on my 85 GTV6. I love the look, but I am guessing I could greatly benefit from modern tire options, hence looking for different stock wheels.

So that brings me to my next question. I plan to keep 60 profile tires on this car. It is already lowered to Euro spec and I don't want it any lower. And I prefer that original look. Will modern 60 profile tires greatly outperform my (relatively new) Michelin TRX 60s? Or does the benefit of modern tires come mostly from the ability to get lower profile on larger (16, 17 inch) rims?

Or said another way, does a modern 60 profile tire handle any better than a 60 profile tire designed in the mid-80s?


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I think this is the wheel you are looking for.
Alfa Romeo GTV 6 GTV6 Campanatura 6J x 15 Wheel Never Used Spare Wheel | eBay
Not mine, no connection.
Today's tires are much better than the TRX's. Problem is there are fewer and fewer choices for performance 15" tires on the GTV6. Going to a 16" wheel really changes the landscape.
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That's the one. Thanks for the info.

Interesting point on dwindling performance tire choices for 15" rims. Hadn't thought about that. Still interested in folks' thoughts on how much of an improvement today's 60/15 tires would be over the old TRX.

Mine is the only GTV6 I have ever driven, so I don't have anything to compare to.
I don't know how many here have driven a GTV6 with the TRX tires ! You could give us first hand experience. I went with 205-55 Firestone Firehawk tires. I am very happy with them . Got them from tirerack.
The TRX design is ancient history, man. Anything's going to be a huge improvement over them. Plus given how expensive they are, if you need new tires the non-TRX versions are so much cheaper that getting new wheels is basically d-mn near free.

When I got new wheels I went with 15x7 Team Dynamics from Performatek. They fit 205/50R15 tires, which are a common Miata size so unlike most 15s there are a vast number of performance options available. Same outer diameter as the original tires/wheels so no speedo problems.
Yup! got those Trash Tires on my 84, when I show it. They are the worst tire ever made. Michelin should be falling on their sword for producing this piece of JUNK. Alfa was STUPID to team up with this package. Another AR Blunder!! Usually run a set of Verde rims on her with Z rated tires, much better.

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Well there you have it…a direct comparison. Guess my rides will be looking up once I source some wheels.

Those phone dials look great, but who has my Benzoni Campanatura 6J wheels? Anyone? ;-)
I too have been running 205-55 x 15 for many years (first Dunlops then Kumhos for the most part) this size works well - very little speedo error as they are "only about 3% different rolling distance form the OE 195-60 and the lowering of ride height will be minimal (about 1/2"). and there are still reasonable number of choices to choose from - try Tirerack.

also date of manufacture is much more important that how much tread if left (ALL tires must by federal law have a 4 digit date code year and week of that year that tires were made) Dry rot is the bigger problem and rubber dries out/gets hard.

newer is better - within the last year, and pass on anything more than 2 years old.
I find there are plenty of choices in performance tires for 15" wheels thanks to the Miata's.
I sent you pm about the Campy wheels.
I actually liked the feel of the GTV6 on the TRX tires, but I like a loose car. As I edged to 205-50 15 on Campys the handling got sharper, steering got heavier and it felt more planted. Running 225-50 15 now on 7" OZ wheels. Steering is definitely heavier, grip is hugely improved - only slight rubbing.

But... sometimes I think back to the light, loose TRX's and wish for them back. No way I will pay for them though.

Of course the 225's on the 7" wheel look much better under the fenders. :)
Well, my only comparison is a 79 Alfetta I had "in the day" (1985/6), so it had the latest technology on it which was Michelin MXLs (if memory serves). And the GTV6 with TRXs feel much like that...that loose feel you describe. So it is definitely a "vintage" feel, but the GTV6 is my "go fast" driver so I'd like to make it more solid in the curves.

My Spider, on the other hand, handles surprisingly well with its P44s. But it is my "cruising around town" driver, so it doesn't get the fast curves as much as the GTV6.
I had a GTV6 about 7 years ago that came to me with TRX tires. Although they were in good condition with plenty of tread they were about the worst-performing tires I've ever driven on. Positively frightening in the rain. Couldn't wait to get rid of them.
Yeah - mine are newish. PO bought them about 4-5 years ago. Don't know about the rain, but they like to sort of "let go" in hard cornering...which can get a little nerve wracking. ;-(
Yeah - mine are newish. PO bought them about 4-5 years ago. Don't know about the rain, but they like to sort of "let go" in hard cornering...which can get a little nerve wracking. ;-(
Check the manufacture date on the sidewall. If they're more than 6-7 years old they're not going to have much grip
16" x7" and Toyo888's or Toyo AO50 (Mediums) if doing Motorsports.
15" x6 is for garden trailers other than concourse showings
Those are stock 1982 GTV6 wheels, I still have my '82 and those are the wheels it came with.
Also the original tires were Pirelli, 195/60-15. I don't remember which Pirelli however.
P6, probably.
The original tire for a GTV6 was a Pirelli P6 in 195/60x15 size. Currently, only non-performance or all season tires are available in that size.

If you want a sportier tire, look at summer tires in the 195/55x15 size. These fit the stock 15x6 wheels better than a 205/55x16 and will give a similar OD as the original tires.
You can put on Yokohama 888 tyres. That is what I am competing on in historic regularity trials.
We can also get Yoko Advan A50 sets here which are super soft & amazing grip.
I run these on my Toyota Celica GT4 ex WRC targa car. (16"/17" wheels)
If the event is tyre limited and multiple day event then I use Falken tyres which are also great for the wet.


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