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Hi Folks,
So I need new pads for the rear and am looking to keep things the same front and back so will be changing the front pads too. I currently have some generic ‘meh pads in which work OK but nothing special. I have done some research on various opinions etc and will be giving Ferodo DS2500 pads a go – seems like they have a fair reputation for an acceptable price.

I have a quote from a supplier and he has given me a couple of options. The fronts are easy – just the one pad FCP116H. The rears are a little more complicated as there are 2 pads of the same shape and dimensions, but one has a cut out in the back to allow it to fit in the caliper. FCP3H or FCP93H. The supplier believes that I may require FCP93 in the back. He has provided pad drawings to help select the correct one; the dotted line on the right hand side (as you look at the drawing) of the FCP93 pad delineates the cut out.

Which rear pads do I need? How do I tell looking at my brakes?

I was considering getting a local specialist to supply and install but I then considered that one of the reasons I got the car in the first place is to get a bit hands on with stuff. A bit of research here has helped confirm my thinking that I should be able to sort this out by myself. However, my Cardisk manuals seem to be missing workshop pages 22-4 through to 22-13 – right where it covers the rear brakes… Can anyone shoot me a copy of those pages please??


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