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Which 2600's had no tool box

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With all the hype which occurs around the wooden tool boxes and there contents I thought it would be useful to start a conversation which leads to clarity about which cars had these wooden tool boxes and which did not.

Sometime ago I had a short conversation on this board about whether my June 1964 built Sprint would have had a tool box. Ruedi posted the following Factory Information Sheet dated 26/6/1964 that announces the tool kits were to be "modified" to a very small list of tools. But modified from what?

The instruction book for the 2600 Sedan, Sprint , and Spider dated 7/1962 (the one on Car Disc) shows the full wooden box and all the trimmings on Page 148.

Then recently I purchased an original Instruction Book dated 2/1963
and in that publication the tool box is gone replaced by a limited set of tools similiar to Reudi's info sheet.

I conclude that the lovely wooden tool box and all its tools disappeared from the 2600 trunks sometime in 1963 and was replaced by a very rudimentary tool kit as listed in the 2/1963 handbook.

Can anyone add any information to this?

My car (June 1964) still has the rack for the tool box so maybe they were sold as an accessory?


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Which 2600's came with no toolbox?

A bit of further research on this matter and I have been looking at the parts manuals.
The parts manual no 992 and dated 6/1964 shows a photo of the jack, the wheel brace and a box wrench and ALSO the full wooden toolbox and lists all the tools in that tool box. So this is consistent with the Owners Instruction Book 7/1962 but not the Instruction Book 2/1963 mentioned in my earlier post.
The later parts manual publication 1164 dated 3/1966 shows a tool bag (canvas?) and a bag of tools tied with a drawstring consistent with the Instruction Book 2/1963 but the parts manual 3/1966 list of tools shows more tools than what the instruction book lists.

Can I ask a couple of questions to help clarify please. Does anyone have a series 2 car that they know for certain came from the factory with a wooden tool box? Also my early series 2 Sprint has the rack for the wooden tool box (but I do not believe it ever had one). Do any other series 2's have the rack fitted?
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We may be chasing shadows here , every 2600 Sprint I have looked at - about 6 in the UK series 1/2 LHD /RHD has a rack for the toolbox. None of them had a toolbox in situ . One had a toolbox in the boot on the floor but no idea where it had come from
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