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I R a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 5.2L 2wd pick up truck owner and Italian car and parts hauler as of today. I bought my neighbor's one owner truck.

I just got back from Greyhound terminal in Norfolk with my brandy dandy new used blue metallic L/F fender for Old Blue (currently sporting Myron's 95LS greeine) and a L/F ABS to caliper hose brake line for my 164S rehab project from Bonzo.

I want to tell you Fellow hardcore Alfisti, YOU can never have to many friends.

Thanks to all who are helping me rehab BB2 and keeping Old Blue running and looking semi-good. He will be on the market before year is out once I have all the performance and S parts removed and replaced with good stock 164L parts.

Now the top side trunk. top and hood paint clear coat maybe lacking but you can't have everything in this life that your want/expect for nothing or the price the market will bare for a used 164B/L no matter how good it runs.
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