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Dear Alfisti,

during the last days a very reliable source gave me the bad news that our beloved Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese is still likely to be broken up notwithstanding the constraint of the Italian Ministry of Culture "Ministero dei Beni Culturali".

The current ownership is putting huge pressure on the Ministry in Rome with the aim of having such constraint modified. The current ownership's final goal is not only to sell some of the cars, but also to sell the whole structure, to finally move the remaining cars to Turin, and lock them in a warehouse as it has already been done with the Lancia Museum.

I ask you to show your attachment to what is every Alfisti's spiritual "home", the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese.
Built and opened on December 18th, 1976 from the then President Giuseppe Luraghi, the Alfa Romeo Museum is the essence of the Brand, it tells the story of its great victories, its great technological innovations, and its unforgettable cars.
Unfortunately there is not much time: at the end of January 2011 the Italian Ministry of Culture will evaluate the request of modification to the constraint, as sent in by the current ownership, and will eventually issue a ministerial decree protecting the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese after having examined the reasons of the promoters of this initiative against the reasons of the current ownership.

A blog has been created, it's very simple to navigate and with only one message: please click on "Comments" and write your feelings about the possibility for the museum to be broken up and the cars locked in a warehouse. Your comments will help a lot!
The internet site for the blog is:
You don't need to register, just say who you are in the message you will leave.
In the next days the blog will be constantly monitored, and the messages left will be very helpful in preventing the constraint of the Italian Ministry of Culture to be modified.

PS: when forwarding this email make sure not to send it to email addresses in some ways connected with the current ownership.

Thank you very much in advance for your support!

Andrea Vecchi

Alfa Romeo Club Milano


Mail to: [email protected]

Phone: +39.333.8996000

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An Ambassador from the Italian Embassy in Washington DC attended the 2010 AROC convention. AROC is drafting a letter stating our concerns directly to him.
This is in addition to actions by individual board members.
There have been a few conflicting reports, but after we confirm details, AROC-USA will post a notice on our web site.

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