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where to mount fuel filter in Ti?

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Hey all,
my 1964 Ti had a little inline Kragen fuel filter when I bought it. I'd like to replace it with an original glass bowl unit I have from a 1600, but I'm a bit torn on where the proper spot to mount it should be. Can anyone help with a description, picture, or diagram.

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just behind the horn, below the ignition on the right side of your vehicle there should be a little shelf with two 6mm holes in it. that is the location for the filter.
There is no provision of a fuel filter/regulator bracket on an early TI. Also both horns are on the driver's side.

Fuel filter/regulator bracket needs to be fabriacated or can be purchased with a new Filter King filter:

size 2.5"x1.75" located about 18.5" forward of firewall on passenger side (measured from inside indented area).


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