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Where to get new lowered springs for 66 105

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Hi All,

Does any one have any recommendation on where to get lowered springs for a 1966 105.

Ive been planning to take my old springs into Industrial Springs here in Adelaide and have them make up a lower larger diameter coil to the same pattern as the old one however it looks like they are on the verge of closing down.

King Springs dont seem to make them to my knowledge so im wondering if anyone else knows of a tried and tested source.


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I had a set of King springs (now sitting in a box) on my 105 so they do exist. They were a bit lower than standard. I've replaced them with a new very stiff set from Pace Engineering in Melbourne. Not super low since I want them to work on the raod. Vince Sharp is your guy and he's vsharp (I think) on this BB. He can get whatever you want made up or has heaps sitting on the shelf. Tell him how low you want it and how you want to drive it and he'll recommend what will work, or give him your specs and he'll get them.
Cheers fella,

That sounds perfect. Ill try to get in touch with him and see what he recommends.

Merry Christmas

I had a set made (front and rear) by K-Mac in sydney, in my dealings with them they were reliable and professional, that was about 2 years ago - the springs are quite good as they are progressive (so as they go through the travel they get stiffer). The guys have the specs (for my car which is a 73 gtv) and can make then to any ride height and stiffness that you require.
Cheers geofd.

Ill check them out too.

Do you see many 105s in Dubai???? WOuldnt be too many probs with rust.


You're possibly the first person I've heard of who has fitted progressive springs to a 105 car - I was always under the impression that, for the front at least, the compressed length was just too short for progressive springs to be possible. Would love to hear your experiences of them. Could you supply the specs you sent to K-Mac? And what shock absorbers are you using?



(slightly envious of your petrol prices over there ;))
Just spoke to K mac. They make them to any height and said theyve done them 30% stiffer with great success in the past. They are porgressive and are $180 a pair.

How much lower than standard do you think is sensible for general street use. Im thinking 1.5 inches lower all round.

Sounds great.

Welcome to K-MAC, Camber Kits, Caster Kits, Springs, Swaybars.

Hey I like it when someone else does the ground work!:p I have a set of koni reds to go on and was looking for some quality shorter springs and this looks promising.
Putting the suspension back on my car is one of my tasks in the next month or so after I get it. $180 is a great price. Not to be too vain but what colour are they?:D
Just checked the site. Orange I guess...
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