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Wheels, Oil Leaks, Mice...

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What a difference a wheel makes!!!

Bolted the new wheels on this weekend and they look fantastic on the Black (fastest color) Spider. They are the Rota version of the Panasports. The springs still need to be cut down to get it down off of it's tippy toes.

Old wheels which have looked like sh!te since we bought the car 5 years ago.

What is it about these cars and oil leaks?? New one today. Maybe just the oil filter but then again, maybe not. It's like these cars have a genetic defect that it wants to spew it's life blood out at any opportunity. Is Hemophelia more prevalent in Italians??

It's also a MOUSE magnet!!! Parked for 1 week and the friggin mice move in.

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Wheels look great!

As for that oil leak, of course I would check the oil filter first, after that, it looks awfully like a leak I had from the front crankshaft seal.

Anyways, congrats on the new wheels!

I think that the oil leaks is Alfa's system to make sure you have fresh oil in the engine at all time - my oil newer gets black - it also serves as a system to prevent rust under the car.

The wheels do fit the car very well

Btw black Alfas are indeed the fastest...
Love the look of the Panasports.............they look the best on the Black Spider's :D

On the leak first tighten the oilf filter to see if it stops but if it doesn't jack the car up and clean everything off then re-inspect after your next drive.

I found that the gasket between the upper and lower pan (under the filter) was weeping a bit on mine.

Black Spider's are the fastest ones....without a doubt!!!:D


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They are the Rota version of the Panasports.
So that means they'll whistle the La Dolce Vita theme as you're tooling down the road? :D

It's also a MOUSE magnet!!! Parked for 1 week and the friggin mice move in.
It's been said that if you leave the hood up, the mice won't move in. I don't know if that's entirely true, but FWIW I leave mine open all winter and haven't had a mouse in there. And I know there are mice here.

I guess its because I'm a middle child but I like both wheels! The old ones with the 'spokes' in black and the rim silver/polished look very nice.

Or maybe it was because I saw them on a RED Spider... (not mine)

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Because I "fear the weeper" I did a retorque of the head this morning. By "feel" the bolts had different levels of breakaway torque required. Feel is very unscientific, so don't kill me for it. I did the retorque with my recently calibrated digital torque wrench.

Must have been the oil filter dripping. Gave it a little 1/4 turn tighter and will monitor.

I feel better now....
At lest the mice only dirted up the spark plug hole...i used to have an XJS v12--the mice used to bring dog food from the dog's bowl up into the Vee and then chew my extremely expensive injection wiring just for grins..
If it smells like fresh oil, exhaust fumes, and/or fuel... mice will not be a problem. If you clean up that leak, they won't slip off onto the floor.

Good looking Spider. Its the finest home those mice could ever hope to find.
very nice wheels, just about to order the same set for my 89 quad. what bolt pattern did you go with 4x98 or 4x108?
diablo, I used the bolt pattern for the 86 (or modern) Alfa. 4x108. I alos ordered new lug nuts and they are chromed

I love unexpected results. While re-torquing the head, I had to remove the air tube from the air cleaner to that manifold. It came off of the manufold way to easily. In fact it kind of popped off when loosening the clamp. I replaced it and tightenen it up after the wrenching and lo and behold, the surging issue that I have been trying remedy is now gone!! How many time have both Darren and Eric told us to check for air leaks....
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