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Wheels and springs.

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Hi All
I would like to upgrade the wheels on my 78 spider and would like to go to either 16 x 6.5 or 17 x 6.5 can anyone tell me what they have found and maybe post a picture and let me know where they got them from and how much. Would ideally like a charcoal spoke wheel. also what is the biggest tire I can fit without modifications.
I would also like some opinions on anyone that has cut their coils to lower their spider and by how much and how it sits and rides.
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Hi Craig, can I ask why you want to go big?
I know I should not pick on this guy, but, I hope that this not how our much loved cars are going to
look like in 28 years. In hopes of putting a halt to this kind of thinking maybe someone with Photo Shop skills
could/might put together a few modified pictures as examples of how the cars shown at the 2053 AROC Concours d’Elegance hopefully would not look like.....😢\

But then again the pictures might just start a whole new trend. Some say "you can't stop progress".

Maybe the site administrators could add another requirement to the site. Such as adding a requirement
that all members disclose their age before making any submissions...:rolleyes:
Hi Craig, can I ask why you want to go big?
I’ve had Giulia Supers. 105 Coups Spiders Berlinas. Alfettas coupes and sedans and never put alloys on them this time I want to create a current day slant on a classic.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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