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I hate to post a question if the answer already exists somewhere, but I've trolled around for a few days trying to find out if the tire and wheel combo I have will fit my 74 spider and I haven't found it yet.

I've been given a set of 205/55/14 Hoosier race tires (for autocrossing) and was wondering if they would fit the spider if I mount those on a set of 6x14 BWA wheels I have. I have old race rubber, Khumos I believe, that are the same size though look to be an inch narrower that I have used the past few years on steel wheels without any trouble. Is the offset such that I run the risk of rubbing the inside of the rear wheel wells during hard cornering with the BWA's? Should I just mount these new-to-me tires on the steel wheels?

69 Berlina
74 Spider
90 Volvo 245
92 Volvo 945T
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