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wheel bearing adjustment..

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i remember how to adjust front wheel bearings but forgot about this part, tighten the castle nut to set the bearing, then back off ' so much'.. the way i used to do it, was tighten the castle nut to set the bearing, then back off the castle nut and insert a ' feeler gaudge'between the castle nut and the washer of '?' ..any ideas here? thanks
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from the Alfa Shop Manual:



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I just finished mine. I did the passenger side according to the shop manual. THe drivers side has left hand threads. My cheapo torque wrench does not click in this direction. I had to guestimate the torque on this side, until i get a different wrench.
The driver's side has left hand threads?
Are you sure? 87 Quad does not.

Best regards, Elio
I tightened the nut tightly to set the bearing, and then loosened the nut according to the manual. Then moved one tooth up or down in such way that the washer can be moved with a screwdriver easily.
If you try to move the disk then you no not feel any play.

Is this correct?
Basically the bearings should be free to rotate with minimal free play. If the hub/rotor turns freely (don't let any friction from the pads if installed fool you) with barely perceptable free play (in/out or rocking movement) then it should be good.

Try snugging the nut up tight and note how it feels. Then loosen it slowly and note when it turns freely. Slowly tighten it again and note when it begins to bind. Halfway between those positions is good - probably leaning towards the 'loosen it until it turns freely' position.

Clear as mud?
This is what I was taught by a elderly mechanic. Tighten down snug and gently wrap the spindle nut a couple of times with a copper mallet to seat the bearing as you rotate the wheel. Then back off until the washer moves back and forth with the application of the screw driver. Insert cotter pin, loosening until you get to the first hole you can put the pin in. Works perfect for me.
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