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Wheel and Tyre info for Sud's!

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Does anyone have standard wheel offset specs for Series 1 sud's? Are all Suds models the same?
Also does anyone know what offset would best suit a 15 x 7in rim for a series 1 sud ti? I was told that an ET 29 would be about right but thought I would ask the question. I don't want the rim to sit out too far (as it looks goofy) and dont want guard rubbing issues, especially at the front, nor do I want control arm rubbing issues.

Any help and pictures of 15 x 7 rims on suds would be much appreciated!

(Hope Im not repeating a past thread)
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HMMM well my 15*6.5's are 35 from recollection, could be wrong but they are a performance mag wheel and i asked for them to suit a 33 so i guess you could get the info from performance mag centre themselves, or i can measure the offset this sunday while im there. And heres a pic of them on it, minus the 4wd height they dont rub on the inside wheel arches or bind on any of the rear trailing arms and it looks like they will clear the flares too.
And these tyres are 8 inches wide too hehehe

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Here is a list I had... with all the standard sises... thought it might help. I have a Sprint and are thinking of geting a set off a 155 they ran 15 and 16 inch as standard... correct stud pattern... and almost same offset.

Giulia (4-d) 42 mm
Bertone (63-76) 38 mm
Spider (66-93) 38 mm
AR Berlina 38 mm
Montreal 25 mm
Alfasud Serie 1 45 mm
Alfasud Super 45 mm
Alfasud ti Ser2 39 mm
Alfasud Serie 3 39 mm
Sprint (Sud) 39 mm
Alfetta, all 45 mm
Giulietta, all 45 mm
Alfa 33, all 39 mm
Alfa 75 1.6-2.0 45 mm
Alfa 75 2.5 40 mm
Alfa 75 TS/Turb 30 mm
Alfa 75 3.0 30 mm
Alfa 90 2.0 45 mm
Alfa 90 2.5 40 mm
Alfa 145/146
1.4/1.6/1.7 16V 43 mm
Alfa 145/146
T. Spark/Q/ti 50 mm
Alfa 155, Serie 1
(first model) 50 mm
Alfa 155, Serie 2
(wide aches) 41 mm
Alfa 156 41 mm
Alfa 164 TS/V6 40 mm
Alfa 164 24V 32 mm
Alfa 166 41 mm
Alfetta GT/GTV 45 mm
GTV 2.0 45 mm
GTV6 2.5 40 mm
Spider T.S./V6 35 mm
Spider V6 24V 31 mm
GTV T. Spark 35 mm
GTV V6 24V 31 mm

But then there is the additional thing about bolt circle.

Old Alfas have 4x108 mm.
Alfasud/33/75/90/145/146 have 4x98 mm
Big engine (TS, Turbo, V6) 75/90 have 5x98 mm
147/156 have 5x98 mm
166 has 5x108 mm

The center hole has a diameter of 58,6 mm, but from the starting of the Fiat aera (1987) this size changed on new models to 58,1 mm
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Thanks for the input guys. I find the offset for series 1 a bit large, 45mm!. But I guess they do stick in under the arches a fair way. I may have to get the tape measure onto an original rim and play around with some mags I have laying around to see what offset would suit best. The rims I'm looking at can be manufactured with my desired offset and then drilled to the correct 4 x 98 bolt pattern, just want to get it right and not have hassles.
15x7 are big wheels for a sud. your looking at 195 50's to maintain diameter. are you going to be lowering it too?
im running 185's on a set of s2 rims with absolutly no problem. isnt it strange how alfa decided to reduce the offset in 1979.
i wonder if anything else changed at the same time?
the deeper dished s2 rims definatly look better.


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There were lots of little detail changes in the Sud suspension throughout it's lifetime.

Changes to struts in 82,

Series 3 have a longer wheelbase.

Rear discs have different bearing carrier diameter depending on year.

Different bush design.

Different sway bar diameter.

Different tire pressure recommendations. f/r

Different hub bearing carrier front.

Different cv joints.

Different brake discs and spacers.

Different spring pans.

I could go on.
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Isnt this the same with any car, in terms of development.

Didnt know 166 has 5x108 mm.
in 1979 when the series 2 came out with the deeper dished rims the only other changes to the suspension was plastic wheel arch flares to house them.
must have been a fashion development!
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