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What's up with that Verde in Vacaville?

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So what's the deal with this Milano Verde that keeps showing up for sale in Vacaville? I swear I've been seeing this car on Craigslist for six months now. Anyone taken a look at it?

1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

Absolutely no purchasing interest, just curious as to what's wrong with it...
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Travis K has seen it. He said it needed a lot of work. I think that used to be Universible's car. It has the non-ABS conversion.

Tom, I can pick those shocks up in the next couple of days. Thanks for holding them!
Yea, i went and looked at it/drove it and from what i have seen other verdes for sale for its not really worth more than about $800 or so. The body is nice, but the seats are trashed, the gauge cluster does not work at all, the shifter linkage is so sloppy you cant tell what gear its in, if you go around a hard left turn gas pours down the side of the car out of the gas cap, it has mostly sat for he said about the last 5 years, and he has no maintaince records at all, etc. Really the only good things are nice body/paint, and it has momo rims and steering wheel that are in good shape. It also has about 220k miles on it.
Trying to sell my '88 Milano Verde in great shape, but I don't think people are looking for Milano's. I have it priced at $3200 obo, but no takers and only a few calls.

if someone wants to see/drive the car, I can drive to Sacramento/Davis.

Here's the site listing

Call email me
[email protected]
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