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What looks better?

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To complete my restoration of my 1995 164 LS, my car is off to be painted as it is in need of it when looking close up. I'm wondering if I should leave the badges off the back or not? What do you guys think looks better?

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Definitely the first one - with the 'Alfa Romeo' script badge removed and placed on the back of my 164 - just put in a bubble-wrap envelope and post to Alex Shepherd, 28 Sarindah Place, Hamilton, New Zealand... :D

Our cars did not come with the Alfa Romeo script badge. On the left side we have '164 3.0V6'. I quite like your de-badged look. Had you thought of placing the badges in the 'dead' area under the tail-lights, left and right?

My 91 S has both badges off and the look is growing on me. Without the badges the car has a cleaner look. I would leave the badges off in this case.
I'd leave the badges on, they provide a nice color balance to the stainless trim above the bumper.
I prefer the look without the badges!
It is my observation that there are some generational issues here. Some of my younger co-workers (mid to late 20's mostly) have taken off almost everything they can from their trunk areas. I once asked one of my coworkers if she had the trunk of her Acura resprayed because it was devoid of any chrome nameplates. She said no and that her boyfriend had removed the nameplates. She then gave me the rolled eyes usually reserved for older, clueless parents.

I prefer seeing the Alfa Romeo script because I perceive it to be something special. However, I have noticed that the modern Alfa's do not contain the Alfa Romeo script on the trunks anymore, just the model number. I believe BMW does this as well so it is definitely the more modern trend. As a good compromise, put the 164 LS on if you can but leaving off the Alfa script still looks good.

Great looking car by the way. I just had my LS rims refurnished and they look brand new, just like yours.

Take care and enjoy your brief summer.

Dallas, Texas
1994 LS
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We have one of each as we removed them from my daughter's car for repaint and have not reinstalled them. I like it both ways so keeping them on my Originale but off her ride.
Leave them! You can pull the Alfa Romeo badge as it is a NA thing but the rest I think makes the car. I think It looks better with them in red at least.
Just my opinion. Do what you think fits you and your taste.
I have a SUPER badge in-stock rory! I know you want it:p
Super on one side and 3.0L 24V on the other European style???
While my white LS (w/silver cladding) looks great sans badges, I think yours looks better with them on. Whatever you decide, she is looking good!
Mine has only the Alfa Romeo script without the 164L and it looks pretty good that way. Go with what you like best.
I've always thought the "Alfa Romeo" script was classy, and I really like it on the back of the car. The other stuff, take it or leave it, but the script is unique. Besides, I like to have people know what I am driving.

Maybe owners of Japanese cars remove the emblems and names on their cars is because there are so many of the darn things, and who cares anyway.
I like at least the "Alfa Romeo" badge. What is classier than THAT? :cool:
I have a red 164LS just like yours and my personal opinion is to leave it as it looked when it came from the factory, besides if you remove the badges other people will not know what you are driving and might mistake it for something less:D

Have a Blessed day!
Rear Badges

I do have all the badges for the 164 Super model below which is another option I'm thinking of. What do you think? I do have a set of the 16" 164 Super wheels (courtesy of Sam) which would make it somewhat an authentic 164 Super spec.

I'm also thinking about painting the lower part body colored as per this 164 below. What do you guys think? Any one have other pictures of a painted lower portion of 164 LS like below?

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here ya go.... Then tint the windows (BUT NOT BLUE)


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Speaking of tinting

Speaking of tinting; I'm planning to investigate some of the new technology clear films on the windows and protection for the front of the painted areas of the car. This website has the stuff called Huper Optik and Smartshield . Some interesting reading on the site in my opinion.

With these new technology tints it seems I can have the clear look with benefits of the dark tints of old. I don't want my car to looked tinted. I just want the harmful rays and heat outside.
I like the brown tint (though not on a red car) and semi reflective look.
The windows already use glass which is formulated with additives to cut the heat and uv, and with a degree of tinting. Also, in some States, the semi-reflective mirror like tinting film is illegal.

I use the thin 3M film for the front of the car, and the thicker optically polished and approved 3M film for the headlights and the turn signals. These films would do little for cutting heat and uv on windows.
the previous owner of my car put some sort of clear bra on the car to protect it from chips, he also put headlight and fog like protective film on also. what companies make this stuff for our cars as i replaced a fog lamp and want to put a new cover on it also

Headlight and Foglight Protective Film info

the previous owner of my car put some sort of clear bra on the car to protect it from chips, he also put headlight and fog like protective film on also. what companies make this stuff for our cars as i replaced a fog lamp and want to put a new cover on it also

Company is/was Stongard and four piece kit for 94-95 164 LS is/was 03 02 80.

Doesn't look like they list light covers anymore for 164 just invisible bra and fender guard:

Here is one that might have headlight fog light covers: or IAP's Autosport:

Doesn't look like they have Alfa listed as being available.

Now that I gave you some semi-useless info, I can tell you I have one sealed Stongard kit of two headlight protectors and 2 LS fog light protecters. So where do you think I got part number?

NOW, This looks like where to get something you can cut to fit see sample sizes they list:
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