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What is this?

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is this a "recreation"? or a scam? - der Automarkt für Gebrauchtwagen und Neufahrzeuge - Finden oder Verkaufen Sie einfach und schnell ihr Auto - Alfa Romeo 1900 SS, Pkw, 

If this link does not work, go to and look for the Alfas to find the 1900SS Zagato convertible.

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Hi Mike:

Your link worked OK. Might it have been a 1900 Zagato coupe that was subjected to a "top chop". The photo below was "borrowed" off the Internet (apologies if it's your site/car) - could the Zagato roadster have started life as one of these? The windshield frame looks too massive for a car designed to be a roadster. Still the hood shape is a bit different between the two cars, and the "shoulders" above the rear wheels of the roadster aren't present on the coupe.

I suppose it's possible that Zagato built a one-off roadster on a 1900 chassis, but I've never seen one (not that I'm an authority by any means).

Whoever restored it sure didn't pay much attention to the underhood area!


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Well, the experts chime in please. I thought that there were two roadsters built by Zagato, one was just on the market (In Germany)?

Even if this is a chopped coupe, it seems priced low for a car that approaches $500k (Even if it needs everything, including a roof).

I sent the seller an email. Weird and interesting.

2 SSZ's built. Chassis # are 10405 (1956 SS chassis) and 10593 (1958 SS chassis). The first car on period pics has an assymetric air intake on the hood, the second one has a centered on that appears wider than the one on the picture shown above. The auxiliary light detail doesn't quite look right on the picture above. Also the above side grilles are more consistnet w/ the assymetric car.

The first car (metallic silver) was shown at the Geneva Salon in 1957 and the second car (two-tone) was shown at a 1958 Concour d'Elegance in Venice.

In Michele Marchiano's 1987 book both cars are described as having disappeared.

Also the car for sale has different tail lights, has been first registered in 1954 and has single carb. I'd put my money on recreation.
We already discussed a little bit about the 1900 SSZ Spider here:

Btw, the silver car seems not to be availiable anymore...
It was in their stocklist, but now it's gone, check Automobile Raritäten - Rare Automobiles
Interesting that Thiesen claimed that there were four cars built in total. I have no idea how he comes to these numbers.

If I remember right, the green Spider has been offered some years ago by another dealer in Belgium. Some of us surely remember him; he was member here in the AlfaBB until he got banned:p
For those who don't know him, or for those who want to have a laugh...
Barn find Bizzarrini -

Best regards
Ciao Carlo:cool:
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I vote for the replica conclusion...the windshield posts are the key imho.

why not chrome?, why not separate posts? why try and do something that would be a massive challenge: to bring the body work up and enclose the windshield when there would be no design advantage to it?

2 cents...
Got a message from the seller:

Thank you for your mail. This one is not an original one. It originaly
is a 1900 rebuild with a Zagato body. Full aluminium body.
If you need any other information, don't hesitate to contact us again.

I asked when and where the body was built and by whom
Anyone notice the windshield? It doesn't seem tall enough, relative to width, to be the real deal...looks like the maker sectioned the windshield frame after apparently chopping the top.
Mor info from the seller, though not that much:


I has been build by a coachbuilder in Italy, but I have no idea of who and when this was done?

This is the infomation we have obtained from the seller of the car.

If you need any other information, don’t hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards

Well, cheap entry into a car that will get lots of discussions. Does not look all that bad, there is a real SS in there somewhere and you get the creativity of somebody's interpretation of an SSZ spider :)

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