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What is this color?

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I bought a car, and it had this nice color, ice blue and goldish when light hits it.
Seller said that it was straight from alfaromeos colorchart with white basecoat, but he didnt remember the color code. I was hoping if someone knew what color this is. Link: It looks exactly like this Romeo Nuvola (1).jpg


Best regards Ismo Laitela
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azzurro nuvola

I believe it is the azzurro nuvola, that was made for the nuvola concept car in your second link. It was available in the early 2000's for many models like the 147, 156, and 166. (It may still be available on current Alfas, but I'm not certain.) I did a quick search and found this link to a color chart from 2000:

whatever it is it is nice.
If its changin color depending on where the light comes (so called Chameleon color) , it might be Azzurro Nuvola btw this color was very pricy option to 156 back in 98 it costs around 3900 euros....also this color is quite hard to fix if paint is damaged...

here is Nuvola 156, bad quality photo sorry... Ahvenisto 2000/slides/Picture06.html
Thanks for the help, problem solved :)
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