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What is the huge Wingnut in the boot for?

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Whilst driving the car I've noticed a jangling noise coming from the rear left side of the car.

On closer inspection of the boot/trunk compartment I found a huge wing nut spinning freely on a piece of thread bar on the left hand side.

What is this for?

Only thing I can think of is securing whatever original jack came with the car.


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I think you're correct Sean... sounds like the location.
He definitely is - my jack is still mounted there.
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Well, GhostyDog, we don't know what year your car is (assume it's a GT or GTV since that's where this thread is) but for what it's worth, here's what a '65GT trunk looks like. You'll see the spare hold-down and the two spring clips that hold the jack in place on the passenger (right) side rear.



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I unfortunately don't have pictures of my trunk, but in the later GT's (70~+) the jack is mounted on the right side.
Thanks, it's a 75 GT 1600 Junior RHD.

Facing the back of the car the threaded bar with the wingnut is on the left vertical wall towards the back.
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