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Does anyone have any information as to why Krauss & England in North Carolina split up or closed ?

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It is not closed. I suspect expanded would be a better term.

Krause and England
Yeah still there now called Apex Vintage. Was in a week and a half ago and was able to overcome initial panic when I saw that same staff is still there behind the scenes. Now you can get your beamer beams aligned at Apex :D

Website will fill in the blanks about new state.

David, et al

This is a good thing. :)

After twenty-eight years turning wrenches, it was time to think about doing something else! :p

As everyone knows, this is a hard business. A wonderful business, but a hard one. My partner who bought out Nick England, Cecil Boyd, is a great businessman. He wanted to move forward and I was comfortable playing in my sandbox. Frankly, I was tired. He made me a terrific deal and I am now doing what I really like to do. Now I'm not tired at all!

Rod Atkinson, who I hired in 1995, is still one of the best road/race Alfa mechanics in the state, if not the country. I left the shop in good hands. But Krause & England is no more.

Check out my website Krause & Associates, LLC - Home

David, come down and run your car with us in my super low-key event at VIR in May.

See you all at the track!

Krause & Associates, LLC - Home

"The driver is the single greatest performance variable in the high performance driving and racing equation."
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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