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What does it Headlight fit ?

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I have found a headlight that I have very little idea of what it will fit. I am hoping someone can shed some light on it. pardon the pun.

No alfa part numbers here only Carello part numbers

08.480.700 on the glass and 08.480.800 on the reflector housing.

Any help appreciated.
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Unknown lights

Hi there Pancho,

Looks like something I really need for my car.I already have the inner headlamps for my Giulia Super and 1750GTV and still missing a pair of the lights for the both of them and the code you mentioned sounds right.

I will be most happy to take it off you if you dont have a use for it yet. I also have quite a few bits and pieces which you can see on my other threads if you need anything.

Thanks , some pictures will be appreciated.

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Hi again Pancho,

I,ve attached some pictures of the exact items of the codes you mentioned.

The lights are used on early Giulias with a different kind of housing with an external clip ring to keep the whole assembly in place. Please note that there are also the later versions without the small brackets you see at the side but have instead two prongs which attaches to another kind of housing via screws hence making it adjustable. The earlier ones as shown in picture could not be adjusted.

The same applies to GT coupes I believe but sometimes Carello lenses were also used with Elmas.

Hope that was useful and hope you can get more of it.


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Same kind of thing but lenses are from Elma and these ones were taken off a step front GT Sprint Veloce. Note the housing are Carellos as well as the retaining ring but lenses are Elmas as I couldnt find the correct Carellos though Elma made them for this car too.

Two lower pictures how the later type of housing which are more commonly used and the lights have slightly different fitting prongs or tabs as explained.


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