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I've had to replace the floors in my Barn-Stored '74 and of course I placed Dynamat on the new floors. Well I also replace the exhaust during my last test drive the carpet started Smokin'. The **** Dynamat had melted and was burning from the heat. So for the last few days I've been scraping with a 1 inch scraper and hammer the melted Dynamat goo off the floor. I still have to clean the back of the carpet.

So, exterior heat shield to install on the muffler and pipe along with interior rockwool like heat shield under the carpet. Then off on another test drive because I'm doing "shade-tree" adjustments to the Spica.
sure start installed, throttle bodies cleaned, arm set to .19 so now it's all the Cold Start Solenoid that some **** mechanic used a punch and hammer to loosen and tighten the locking nut with. Of course it screwed up the threads.........
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