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Thinking that once the suspension is "done" you won't use a press again is kind of like thinking that once you fix something on an Alfa you won't need to fix anything again.
Yup, I second that. Bought my HF press a few years ago, figuring that it would cost me about the same amount as having the machine shop press my bushings. Knew I would never need it again.

HA! It's become the handiest tool I own. It's amazing how many things come apart easily with the smooth application of force (OK, a lot of force), that would be a bear to disassemble with a hammer, or a vise. Hammers tend to mangle parts, and I have never had much luck using a vise - they really don't apply that much force.

Also, machine shops always install your bushings backward, or lose parts, or take forever to do small jobs. Or even more annoying, they'll install three bushings the right way, and put one in backwards.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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