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What colour are your brake and clutch master cylinders please for S4 Spider

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Strange request I know but I have just torn down my Spider engine to super detail the engine bay to make it look factory new. This will result in replating everything that was originally gold zinc or silver zinc in the correct colours as well as cleaning and refinishing almost every part. I am struggling on the correct colours for the clutch master cylinder and the brake master cylinder; i would guess they would be either satin black or silver (alloy). can anyone out there tell me what the colours are suppose to be? I would really appreciate it, at present they are the colour of rust!!
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well, the original is silver. its an ATE. most of the aftermakret replacements are from Bendix and are painted black.

i recently started replacing my resoirvoirs. they really do make the engine bay look fresh and new. all thats left is the brake cylinder, but the reservoir is seriously expensive and mine is fine. im interested in how you re-fresh the plastic? bleach?

else i will just pay up the 75$ for a new one as i re-fresh my brake system with new fluid and hoses if there is no other way
I recently bought abrake system tank from IAP No one else carried it, except Alfa Parts, but theirs was more expensive and aftermarket. The price was well over $100 ($115?) plus shipping and it was made in Czechoslovakia. The problem was that the Black plastic grommets, between the tank and the master cylinder were surprisingly hard to get. Utimately I got some from Alfa Parts in CA at more than $8 each!!!

Some stuff that used to be readily available and much less expensive!

My experience anyway.....Elio
well, the original is silver. its an ATE. most of the aftermakret replacements are from Bendix and are painted black.

Are both the brake and clutch silver originally? need to make sure on this.

I cannot comment on what the color was from the factory but my brake MC is new aftermarket and is gold (see picture). I re-used the tank but I suspect it was white when new (too costly to replace but I was tempted).

The clutch bottle is original and is white...more or less. I will have to go look to see the color of the MC.

Also, radiator o'flow bottle is new.



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I am 99% sure that on my S4 ('91) the MC is original and it is black. I have seen many of the same vintage on Ebay, etc. and most all are black. I doubt if they have all been replaced. On t he other hand, I have seen alot of the 92-93 that are silver. So in my opinion it is one of those things that varies by car/year. But I do not agree that you can say silver was always stock.
Here is a photo of both MC's. The brake is after-market (gold); clutch is factory (silver).

I changed the brake MC about 3 years ago and I think the original was silver. But that was three years ago. Hope it helps.



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