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What are these

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I'm wrapping up the rebuild in an engine, and in the pile of stuff that comprised the guts of my engine, these were left over. There is no certainty that either came from a 102 engine, and I don't recall ever seeing any parts like these. Still, they were in the pile of what came off and out of the engine.

Any ideas?


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What's the approximate size?
I'll try to measure them, but we're in a rush to fly off to Santa Fe tomorrow, then San Antonio to visit mom. She turns 90 next month.

The ring is perhaps 4" in diameter, as an estimate. I would guess it's a shim of some sort, but it has no obvious place in a 102 engine.

Ring looks like what goes behind rear main seal on 1750. Or on passenger side air duct protecting rubber seal where heater passes through firewall on Giulietta Spider.
The ring is behind rear main seal on 105 series.

The other part is a lock plate for rear axle, seems to be for 105 series too.:wink2:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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