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I was crawling under my SS today as I get it ready to get back on the road. It's a 64 Giulia. I removed one of the front wheels to take to the tire shop as it has a slow leak and so took the opportunity to crawl around a bit.

While inspecting under the lower valence (?) I noticed four threaded holes and am wondering if anyone knows what these are for? The first two holes are located near the center drain hole for the radiator - maybe a couple of inches to either side. The next pair are about 12 or so inches towards the front wheels. Since they are threaded they seem like a mounting point...but for what? A spoiler? Never heard of that on these cars.

I do not have access to Sprint Speciale specific parts book (is there one?) - just the car disk and it didn't have enough detail so I'm hoping someone here can answer.

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