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So us West Coast LeMons folks have an event at Infenion in late October.
You have been working on the car, adding illegal suspension pieces, stuffing in a new crate motor or at least duck taping back on the stuff that fell off at Thunderhill.
Now, how do you know if the car will run???
Why not come out to the AROSC Time Trial and Race wekend Oct 1 and/or 2. About $150/day, lots of track time to drive the car, break something, and drive the car again.
Cheap insurance before the Infenion event. You would then have 2 weeks to fix the car and it would be ready for Infenion.
? Does a LeMons car meet Alfa Club Tech? Why not, as long as no stuff is falling off the car. You have a roll cage, up to date helmet, good safety belts and a fire extinguisher.
You don't have to enter race group, thou it would be an experience for those of you who have never done a "for real" race start.
And after watching videos (The Car Show and YouTube) a lot of you/us on the track need some serious driver training. The Alfa Club has the instruction offered as part of your weekend.

That is what we are doing -- #42 Mustang, The Old and the Wreckless

Note: This post is a ploy to get you to pay us $$$$ for track time. We figure your crappy car will break down anyway and go home early. But we will have your $$.
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