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I'm looking for a well sorted 164 to use as a daily driver with reasonable miles. The good news is that I am open to any color/year and tranny option, although I strongly prefer a stick. The perfect car has had a long time Alfisti owner with service records, no issues, is up to date with timing belt, no stepper issues blah blah blah. The bad news is I have a budget of around $3500 but the cash is at hand and I need the ride immediately.

I am in Chicagoland. Thanks.

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I have a white 164s with the following attributes:
new brake pads front and rear.massive stopping power.
abs brakes
new tensioner,tb and water pump as of this fall
extrordinary paint look and condition.
not 1 oz of rust anywhere
yokohoma tires with very little wear
Electronic circuits are all working including cruise control (quite accurate)
Motor cranks easy hot or cold.
80k on motor/132k on chasis.Motor was replaced after injesting water from a flash flood that affected the motor only. (prior owner purchased the car from insurance co.Clear rebuilt title because of flooding of engine repair.this car appears to have lived it's life inside.
The single air bag system gives out an error code 35 which is a break in the wiring under the steering wheel.Smooth starting and running automobile.Our only problem is your $3500 budget. I believe this car to be worth your while as a daily driver for years to come.If interested email and we can see if any common ground exists.
Currently I am caught up on all work needed. When I am in this position I start looking for my next one.I only work on 1 at a time
[email protected]

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Very Nice 1991 164L

RoadRosen, here goes my first post. I have a beautiful 1991 164L, 5 speed, red with tan leather interior. Good and bad are listed.

The good:
• New t-belt, accessory belt,
• New plug wires, distributor cap, rotor
• New tires
• Poly-bushings done in 2006
• Heads rebuilt in 2003, S-cams installed, new engine mounts (Ferrari of Denver did the work)
• New heater core and associated hoses
• Carpet is perfect
• Rear seats are perfect
• Dash and door panels are perfect
• Paint is in great shape
• Garaged and never driven in wet weather since I’ve owned it (1999)

The bad:
• Front seats and armrest need recovering (for a perfect interior)
• Heater elements in seats do not work
• Front fog lamps do not work
• Headlight washer sprayers disconnected
• Front struts questionable

Pics are worth a thousand words.

I'm in the Denver area. I really love this car but I must get back on restoring my 1959 Spider.

If interested, email me at [email protected]


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