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anyone got a weight figure for a 87 platinum?....i dont mean the bogus delivered weight but preferably someone who has ran there car over a scale
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To give you an idea, I drove my '82 GTV6 over a scale. It has no aircon parts and the car was empty. Quarter of a tank and my 85kg body and it was 1350kg. The 75 would be heavier.
wonder how much heavyer....course that weight is almost exactly what the door sticker says on the 83 gtv6 that ive got(i think)
I remember the weight specs to be more like 1220kg. Aussie model though, probably lighter than the US specs. Specs given for the 75 (from memory) 13xxkg.
Factory specs:
1120kg for the TS and 1315.4kg for the 3.0.

Twinspark does feel alot lighter than the GTV6 and 3.0.
hmmm i have a hard time with the "factory" spec being that light especialy compared to a actualy scaled gtv6...1280ish for a gtv6 and less than 100kg more for a milano....always knew factorys fibbed a bit on there weight #'s lol

if memory serves the gtv6 is what 12 inches shorter than the milano?..thats gotta be ALOT more than a simple 100lbs...not to mention the nose extension(or atleast thats the way i veiw the milly lol)
Real life weights are in the high 2900 lbs range for the Verde. Many people here with their cars in ready-to-track spec (no rear seat, half tank of gas and fluids) list their cars at abour 2900 flat w/o driver. That is the number I've been basing things off of.
2900 US pounds is 1315kg so it looks as if the factory claim is about right for a 3 litre V6. Why would they lie anyway? If people took any notice of weight most modern cars would be in trouble I would have thought. 1315kg is light by today's standards.
By the way, I just got back from a club economy run through the city and Adelaide Hills in my 3 litre with three people on board and it returned 31.6 mpg imperial. I'm pretty happy with that. I was driving conservatively but not super economically.
most US weights are useualy "dry" or curb or "shipping" weight wich is useualy anywhere up to 300lbs off(well atleast in the past anyway)

2900 lbs make me feel MUCH MUCH MUCH better with my hopefull end result hoped for weight of 1800-2000 lbs...consider how much metal will be removed

whats the average "lightened" track car weigh in at anyway caged and un caged
1800? For a 75? That's a huge ask I think.
FWIW, the 87 US version Milano owners manual lists the curb weight, with a full tank, as 1320kg (2907lbs) for both the 2.5 and 3.0 versions.
my 75 3litre, in what is a ts/2.5 auto shell(so, 49l tank, t/s bumpers) weighed in @ 1150kg with full tank, but no radio, p/steering or aircon
FWIW, the 87 US version Milano owners manual lists the curb weight, with a full tank, as 1320kg (2907lbs) for both the 2.5 and 3.0 versions.
That's pretty much what we had:
LF 806 RF 808
LR 653 RR 638

Total: 2905
stock 2.5,3/4 tank, no spare, 225/50/15s
Twinspark track car weight

My twinspark track car is currently 1040kg or approximately 2300 lbs with 2/3 tank of fuel, which is how I run it on the track. It has a cage, harness and race seat but little else inside. It still has the aircon, power steering, power windows and central locking - all of which will go in the next three months. With plexiglass windows and fibreglass boot and bonnett still to come, I aim to get it down to 950kg. Anything else would require major surgery, well beyond my meagre skills! It is amazing the overall effect that weight reduction has on acceleration, braking and handling.
hmmm nice to know that a "track" car with a cage can get down that low with simplisity.....

im currently preping to take 20 inches out of the wheelbase for the project..with all these #s ive seen posted my goal of under 2000lbs should be simplistic..will also be bumperless and about 1 foot shorter at the front of the front wheels and 1 foot shorter behind the rear the time the figures add up and calculate down 1800lbs may be stretching it but still posible

thanx a bunch.....masive surgery incomeing!
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