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Weber conversion for a 2.5L?

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Anyone do a weber conversion on the 2.5L V6 engine besides Alfabike? Latest issue of showcases the alfabike and claims 220hp? Did a site search on weber conversion, 2.5L V6 and didn't find anything, except the alfabike.
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Why would you want to?:confused:
Only asking....looking to see if someone has done a weber conversion on a 2.5L V6 engine. Maybe I like the way it looks? as opposed to fuel injection. I grew up with muscle cars in the 70's.
The Alfa 6 came with carbies but that's about all I can tell you, we never got them down here.
Converting to carbies always seem like such a massive step backwards.....
Jam some quality programable engine management onto a '70s muscle car using a 4 barrel type throttle body/injector mount. Have the best of both worlds and none of the compromise of the old :D
The GTV-6 3.0 used carbs. I read it was a beast to keep the carbs in synch with each other. Don't you have emissions control where you live?
your on the page im on LOL...classic muscle meets alfa engineering

i think for jaw drop cool there would be NO WAY to top 6 individual hilborn injectors ......(even if modernized into 6 individual throttlebodys running the stock injections system)

on a carbed not..i love the idea of triple carbs if not just for the look but the performance posibilitys

on a more serious note if i was truely ready to drop the injection entirely and go WAY old school id start by cutting down a set of intake runners about half the length they are stock and build a makeshift tunnel ram of sorts and run a single small 4brl....certainly would be jaw droppingly cool looking with the hood open

on my 58 project im going to do what i can to make the fuel injection as unseen as posible....wich is going to require a massive change to the plenum just to move all of the barbs into a better less seen position as well as moveing the TB to the front or rear of the plenum
your on the page im on LOL...classic muscle meets alfa engineering

on a carbed not..i love the idea of triple carbs if not just for the look but the performance posibilitys

You can make as much power as any carb set up with a decent injection set up and do so without the bull**** that comes with having some POS carby anywhere near your engine.
A good computer controlled injection set up (along with a good computer controlled igntion set up) will provide drivabillity, smoother running, temperature and altitude compensation, fuel economy all with out (or with very little) compromise in power and torque.
S.A. 3.0 GTV6 with 6 Dellortos ...
Alfa's finest ever produced GTV6..
I would love triple webbers on a GTV6!! Yeah, I'm serious Old School. I know it would not be as efficient or may not perform as well, but the sound it would make. Hey, I drive Alfas for the sound, as well as performance- I'm a musician, what can I say!!
With EFI and open throttle-bodies you can have the best of ALL FOUR worlds!

1) Flexibility; you can tune a fully-programmable stand-alone engine management system for ANY cam/compression/displacement/altitude/exhaust combination.

2) Reliability; once it is set, you leave it alone until you make further improvements to the mechanical unit (more cam or more compression, forced induction, or whatever!)

3) Looks; nothing beats the look of 4/5/6/8/12 open throttle-bodies with trumpets/horns...

4) Sound; They're open - more open that carbs - more open that this you can't get!

As far as carbs - yeah - growing up in South Africa the sound of a 12 valve 3.0 litre GTV6 coming by at full-song or even just at cruising made me weak at the knees and yes - they were a bear to sync.

As far as carbs retrofitted - the manifolds are hard to find, but there are guys who can make it for you...


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Man oh Man, JJ, that sure is purty !!!
Are THOSE available?

No coil packs?
I met a guy some years ago who ran carbs on his mid engine 2.5 custom built race car.
JJ thats EXACTLY what my brain is saying i need to do....6 individual TB's running trmpets....but curved straight up and on a 12v.....

only thing id change is running the linkage right up the centerline of them so as to hide it and give a super clean look
Well, then the following link may be of interest to you...

We have now also moved the throttles from down close to the intake ports (one of the throttle-plates on one of the banks in our 6 ITB setup visible in the one pic below) - higher up - to the spot above the intake runners (imagine it replacing the rubber boot at the top of the chrome runner in the other pic below), still with the air-horns/trumpets at the very beginning/inlet...

For throttle-response on the track it's great down-low like that, but for torque on the street (especially on a smaller bore motor), the position higher up with the long runners is better.

We have no issues with torque on the 3.7s though, so they sui9t as well low-down like that. :rolleyes: :D


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that 6 individual tb's is SEXY......imagine if it went straight up..droooool

hmm gtv6 with the plastic cover removed and the trumpt tops flush with the top edge of the hood and hole filled with a screen

on my 58 project i have MORE room from engine to hood clearance than stock gtv6 hood...something like 3-4 inches over that

JJ so your saying the TBs should be engine mounted or top of runner mounted....what you were saying didnt compute in my brain...must be all the dust from cleaning shop...guessing you leave the injector as close to the head as posible tho?
What I am saying is that the Jenvey setup (with the blue trumpets) utilizes an intake plenum/runners with the 6 individual throttle-bodies closer to the top and then trumpets on top of that - probably has a bit better torque...

Same with our curved setups and the throttles moved to the top...

With the throttles all of the way at the bottom, you may give up something in torque (who cares on a 3.7) but you gain throttle-response!

Overall the throttle-response of 6 ITBs can not be denied...

Glen - the Jenvey ITBs can be purchased directly however, the plenum mold belongs to AHMotorsports in the UK and with the 6 Jenveys comes to you for thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars...
do you realy need a plenum if your running trumpets?

obviously if your running a AFM then all AIR nust go it befor feeding
3700cc with 6 itb's!!! :D but now im dreaming, or maybe the 50c pints at unibar this arvo. :)
soooooo JJ where did you get the individual TB's? and what MM ya running
On the original subject of this thread. I wonder if you had a custom manifold made, could you use the triple throat Webers like they used on Porsches? That would look pretty cool if it's a visual thing you're after.
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