Alfa Romeo Sprint GT - GTC

Rare pair of Weber 40 DCOE 4 carburetors

Weber 40 DCOE 4 carburettors nr 11296 and nr 11684

Work done on these carburetors :

  • complete restoration, keeping the original new condition.
  • carburetors dismantled, entirely cleaned with ultrasound, all parts checked.
  • verification of the weights of the brass floats
  • cleaning of the pipes
  • cleaning of the jets, checking of their wear
  • check of the butterfly shafts
  • replacement of bearings by new SKF sealed bearings
  • replacement of the needles
  • new gaskets pocket

  • adjustment of the carburetors with leveling of the floats
  • adjustment of the synchronization of the butterflies
  • pre-setting of the richness (2 turns of opening)
  • idle speed preset (1 1/2 turns)

This pair of carburetors is ready to be mounted on the vehicle, the adjustment of the richness and the idle will be to refine once your engine is warm.

Price for the pair : 850 €

Worldwide delivery in plus

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