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Weather mats

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I have been looking to purchase all weather mats for 2022 Stelvio, however I cannot any websites that sell them. Other than a few on eBay but they do not specify if it is for 2022.

Does anyone know if it would be the same size as 2021 floor mats?
Thanks in advance.
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I would expect so WeatherTech Products for: 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio | WeatherTech ...

Centerline International carries all weather that fit all Stelvio. I purchased a set 4 years ago and they perform well. 2018 to present will all fit.
cheers, Jon
Hello buddy
Where can I get this ??

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I got them from weather tech.
I just got Alfa Romeo OEM mats from Miller Motorcars and they fit the 2022 Stelvio sprint like a glove. However, their website does not specify which year(s) they fit.

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