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Water pump

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I ordered the water pump from London England :surprise: Wrong one
Now I have to play the return game
Note the position of the large outlet on mine verses the one they sent
It wont fit because it needs the offset to accommodate the engine casting.
Lesson know what your getting before buying


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Highwood Alfa list 6 different water pumps for 105/115 series cars so it is clear that you need to know which one you have before you order one.
Been there done that.

I had the same thing happen about a year ago.

It was from Classic Alfa. I contacted them and they took very good care of it.

I did not have to pay a dime for return shipping since I confirmed beforehand with them that it was the proper one for my vehicle (which proved wrong).

Where did you get yours?
Classic Alfa, do we see a pattern here
They are stand-up guys, and will bend over backward to put the situation right. This photo is a good starting point, and will help them figure out the correct fitment. Give 'em a chance...
Thankyou I emailed them and got a very pleasant reply
I think this little problem will turn out just fine
Classic Alfa, do we see a pattern here
No. CA rocks. Water pumps on these cars are apparently confusing. They sure are on a '90 but a lot of things are confusing - transition year.
Final note on the waterpump .
I have chosen to ship back the wrong pump at a cost of $60.00 to me .The pump that was commended was almost double the cost of the returned unit with no guarantee that that one would be what i need . Im already in the hole cost wise so Im ordering the pump from Centerline which is what i should have done in the first place.
Ordering from overseas has always been a challenge
End of tread thanks for all your help.
These two pumps are totally different. I mis-ordered once and got a unit that was almost the same, sans one water outlet. Yes, some have more and some have less. Count'em beforehand or you'll have to ponder the question of "to have and to have not". Also, older pumps have a socket for the RPM cable. It's one of those things you have to be extra careful with, as nobody can check it for you.
I am looking to replace my water pump. Most Alfa parts places want $100 plus. Rockauto has them for $40-ish. I am all for supporting the specialize parts suppliers but when trying to keep 3 classics up and running I have to look for alternatives. This thread has me concerned about getting the correct one to fit my '89. When was there a significant change? Sounds like it was in the '90 timeframe.
Ask for a picture of the part they offer and compare it to the one in your car (taking a pic of that wouldn't be that easy). Count water outlets and check the RPM cable socket. It's the only way to be sure, don't rely completly on catalogues!
Pull off the old one and take a picture of it.

Then e mail that picture to the supplier of your choice and verify that it is the proper unit before ordering.

I wound up getting the proper one from Spruell (who had it in stock at the time).

I've also done this with parts from Centerline and IAP, and will do the same in the future with Classic Alfa.

Hope this helps-M5
UPDATE: Although Rockauto showed a number of suppliers on their site, only one seemed to actually have it and it would have to ship from Europe. I feared it would not be the correct one, so started to look state side.

It appears there is a recent shortage of waterpumps. IAP, centerline, etc. all had them on back order. A week later I got around to calling Spruell. They too had them on back order. I asked them if they knew when they might be in and she came back with TOMORROW! I said "I'll take one!"

They did receive the pumps the next day and in a few more days I had one at my door. The price had gone up significantly as they were advertised at $98, but the new price is now $128, plus shipping.

The only problem with this pump is the manufacturer poorly packages these pumps and the assocated gasket. My gasket was so crumpled up that one area around a bolt hole was already broken. Flattening it out only made matters worse. The gasket was not usable. I quickly sent pictures off to Spruell who replied a day later acknowledging the packaging issue and a promise to dispatch a new gasket.

I was already impatient to get the Alfa back on the road so ended up using "Tough Stuff" gasket maker. I am always on the fence about liquid gaskets, but after looking at the mating surfaces I figured it should work without impeding the performance of the pump.

NOTE: My pump has two bolts that secure the bottom of the pump, vice studs, and for good reason. There is NO WAY the pump can be removed if these are studs without pulling the crank pulley/damper off the front of the engine. Even at this the original pump barely came off and I had to file the housing of the the new pump in order to get it back on. Also, my pump had a spacer for the fan. I am not sure if any of this is normal, or associated with it being an '89 with AC.
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yes the two lower studs where a problem for me also if the pulley is still on the crankshaft remove the two lower studs and replace them with 2 bolts.Do not over tighten its only aluminum. In my case the pulley was off the engine.
So, where are we getting the proper pumps for 88 spiders these days?
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