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I have a 1967 Duetto with a slightly later 1750 engine.
I live in Wisconsin so heat is necessary - even in July.
I completely rebuilt the heater assembly and the whole deal works lovely and the car heats just fine.
My question is " How have other folks connected the water heater hoses?"
I have mine hooked up as follows.
The upper heater hose that exits the firewall goes up to the water pump. I made an adapter to upsize the diameter of the hose to make it fit the larger dimeter connection on the pump.
The lower heater hose that exits the firewall goes to the intake manifold fitting which is located directly beneath the vent fitting. This fitting on the intake manifold is angled down at 45 degrees.
I also have another hose which connects to the intake manifold to the fitting just infront of the vent fitting. I have a small fixed restrictor in this hose and it goes up to the water pump to a fitting just beneath the upsized hose fitting mentioned above. I am assuming that this hose is a radiator bypass - so I do not want too much flowing through it.
I have the parts manual for a 1600 from Centerline but it is a bit vague as to how to route things - they mention a tee of some sort?
I do not want to have a bunch of water that bypasses the radiator during the summer - even though the summer is brief here in the north woods.
Does anyone have some thoughts to share with me as to how they chose to route their water hoses?
I searched the archives and all I found was plumbing for newer cars with AC - However I did find a bunch of other fascinating ideas on how to easily do a lot of other neat jobs.
Any thoughts will be appreciated.
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