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Washington Auto Show

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Anyone planning on going? I'm headed up on saturday with a couple friends.

The Official 2008 Washington Auto Show Website
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Yes! I'm planning on going there myself next Saturday. We don't have a Club trip planned, but there will be lots of Alfisti there. When you visit the Ferrari of Washington display, ask if there are any Alfisti around...I'll do the same.
dc show

I'm taking off of work on Friday to go -

The Official 2008 Washington Auto Show Website

Looks like I'll miss my favorite celebrities, oh well. But I'm hoping to avoid the weekend crowds.
Awesome show, though no Alfas spotted.

I guess it is expected, but the high-end Italian models are penned off--no touching! There was a very cool older Nissan (?) small sedan SCCA car way in the back of Hall B.

The show is definitely worth the admission price.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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