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I washed my Alfetta GT today, including the engine - which I do about three times a year. The alternator warning light now stays on - glowing brightly no matter the engines rpm. This has never happened in the 29 years I've owned the car. The alternator is a rebuilt Milano 3.0 liter 'type' which I've had installed for about two years. Its been bullet proof. The belt is on, the regulator is built in, the battery is in the trunk, the two wires to the alternator are on and tight, no fuses are blown. The car starts fine. Yes, I know one shouldn't drive a car when the alternator light stays on.

Depending on the Alfa model, many have the alternator down low on the engine which means in a good downpour with standing water, it's going to get soaked - so I find it hard to believe washing the engine could affect it.

It's my daily driver so if you have any thoughts or suggestions, I'd sure like to hear them.

Irwindale, CA USA
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