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So, I'm deep into my 84 Spider rescue. The interior is completely gutted, and I'm sorting through all the electrical issues. My last issue is the warning lights (pic below). I've read some threads on here about the oil and fuel pressure lights, but I'm going to ask for a little more clarification. Here are my questions, and thanks in advance for your help!

1. Brake light: I assumed in the beginning that this is the e-brake, but looking at the wiring diagrams, it appears that this is tied into the primary braking system. Is this correct? How can the light be tested - grounding circuit?

2. Exhaust temp: Which sensor is this and how can I test it?

3. Fuel pressure: I don't see a sending unit that has been mentioned in reference to S2 spiders. Where do the data come from for this warning light and how do I test it?

4. Oil pressure: I assume this is a grounding circuit? Does it pull from the same place as the oil pressure gauge?

The lights indicators work fine. None of the other warning lights come on when the key is turned to the on position. Thanks again for any input.


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