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I decided I wanted Zagato style seats for my 1958 Alfa Romeo Spider. I ended up contacting GTS seats in Texas. We spoke briefly and Stefan, the owner, guaranteed me he was very familiar with my model Alfa as it pertained to constructing seats. I actually flew to his shop in Manchaca, Texas from Connecticut, at great expense, in February 2022 to sit in the same seat frame he would be using so that there would be no mistakes. He requested measurements of the mounting points on the floor pan of my car, and measurements of the mounting points on the seat bottoms. I provided him with all of those precise measurements on a drawing that was sent to him, along with the slope of the floor pan of the car, and a set of the Giulietta's sliders the seat would mount onto. I was promised a delivery date of April, 2022. He was also sent the correct red vinyl material that was purchased by me and sent directly to GTS Seats. Stefan was very difficult to contact and speak with after my first installment/payment. I just figured he was diligently crafting beautiful Zagato style seats for me. Finally, after waiting months and months, the seats were completed, and my credit card charged a second time. A week later, in mid-July, my seats arrived. I was so excited after the long wait, only to have my heart sink when I realized they didn't fit. They were so far off. I couldn't even install them. The seats were 2 1/2 inches wider than the measurement we talked about while I visited his shop in Manchaca,Texas. The seat frame was raised 2 1/2 inches in the front, coupled with the already 3 inch slope of the floor pan, (which was recorded on my drawing to him), created a seat so far reclined it would hit the folded convertible top before even allowing it to slide rearward, With that extreme recline of the seat, there was only four inches between the seat bottom and steering wheel to squeeze my leg through. Both seats, being so wide, wouldn't even clear the transmission tunnel to mount. At this point Stefan became quite difficult to deal with, stating he has a no return policy for his seats. Really??? So, they were shipped back for a second try. Fast forward to September. I take delivery of the seats a second time. OMG! Horrible. The mounting points on the seat bottoms for the sliders were so far off, they couldn't be installed. Not even modified to fit. The fit and finish if the vinyl was disgraceful. For one example, the slot opening incorporated into the back rest of the seats varied by 1 inch from one seat to the other. Loose vinyl throughout, etc... At this point I incorporated the help of my credit card company. The seats were returned to him, and I eventually got credited for the money for the seats. (Thank you Capital One.) I never received the sliders for the seat bottoms, lost $300.00 for the vinyl supplied to him, and lost an entire season of driving! (Thank you Stefan) I would never suggest anyone looking for custom seats for an Alfa Romeo, incorporate his services. He rarely returned calls or emails throughout this entire debacle. Stefan, if you are reading this, I want my seat sliders I sent to you back, and reimbursed $300 for the vinyl supplied to you! This is indefensible!
Jon H.

If interested, I have complete photo documentation of both attempts (blunders) at building these seats!
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