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Well.............let's see. I've been to a few and here is what we liked and some ideas to add!

Portland had the Best Hotel! Happy Hour and full breakfast was included, saved our family quite a bit of $$$. I would also like to see the hotel wi-fi, not just in the lobby but everywhere, why was the Marriot charging $10 a day for internet when it's free at McDonalds??? Having restaurants within walking distance of the hotel, like at Detroit, was very handy! Also they had a pretty good pool area.....that's what the kids said!!:)

Parking lot. Gotta have a place for all of us to hang out!!!:D I thought there should be "Car Cards" included with your registration, a small business card with your name and club chapter, maybe the Convention logo to dress it up. People can put them on the dash so when I'm out in the parking lot and see a very nice wind baffle in a black spider I would know who's it was!! Some people will use them, put there room numbers or cell phone numbers on 'em and some people will think it's an invasion of their privacy and chose to put them somewhere else.

A Convention T-Shirt. I see some from years ago, I have mine from Nashville and Phoenix. Don't believe Detroit had anything, but I hear they weren't good sellers historically and it may cost too much to produce.......still want one though!! Just not white!!:rolleyes:

That's enough fer now.........but gotta say whoever put the Detroit Book Thingy together with schedules, directions, other things to do etc. did a great job, we used it everyday!!

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