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wanted - transmission Support Bracket

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I need a transmision suport bracket for an early 1969 - 1750 Spider.


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Got several from S3 models if they are the same. Contact

[email protected]

Robert Hill in Memphis, TN
Got several from S3 models if they are the same.
Odd as it sounds, the '69 1750 bracket (at least for a LHD car) is unique. It has a cut-out that accommodates the long dual circuit brake master cylinder. So, you can't just substitute a part from an earlier single circuit car, or one from a later hanging pedal car.

My guess is that with a little hacksaw & file work, you could modify an earlier/later bracket to fit.
Thanks - you are absolutl;y correct and that may be the final solution if I can't locate one.
Give Larry Jr. a call at Alfa Parts Exchange (APE). See the suppliers list.

Odd as it sounds, ...
Not odd at all, Jay. I researched the support bracket thing a number of years ago (can't find the thread though) and came up with something like 7 different brackets for the 105 cars. :eek:

Nope, the later TX support brackets are coompletely different. You might want to add that excellent photo of what you are seeking to your thread. It would eliminate non productive replies about later brackets, and who knows, the photo might jog some AWOL memory of a part in a dark corner somewhere. I cleaned out my garage yesterday and found an early jack a fellow BBer has been looking for for a couple of months now.

Good Luck and Best Wishes. Robert Hill
Thanks for the info - I talked to Larry Sr. and he is looking to see if he has one.
Thanks for the suggestion, It took a while but I got yhe picture in.

You've got so many threads started on this I don't know if you posted a picture or not. If Larry can't find one, I might have one. I parted out a 69 Berlina a while back and hopefully still have the mount but a picture would help.

Ah, now I see the picture. I hadn't bothered to revisit the top of the thread. I'll go out and see if I've got one.
The picture-

Helps - I have what looks to be the right one, clearanced for the brake m/c and it's even clean! $50.00 plus shipping, let me know, thanks, Fred.
Yes I'm interested how do you want payment and can you send a picture of your part.

Michael Stephens
10437 Woodbury Knoll Court
Fairfax, Virginia 22032

703-250-5388 Home
703-978-2576 Fax

Email; [email protected]
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