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Wanted: Top Notch GT

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Hello fellow GT friends,
I am trying to locate a top GTV, if restored, with documented procedures of process, could be any year. I am interested in originality, no aesthetic mods.
Performance mods will be considered, provided drivability is not affected or compromised. If unrestored, it can and will be considered.
Euro version, carburated, might be more suitable over F.I. US cars.
Bottom line, a 95+ point car or better would be preferred.
Documentation and any other plusses would be appreciated and properly valued.
A PPI inspection would be required and must be performed by one of the usual professionals. Geographical location, is of no concern, albeit dry state, non salty cars are preferred
If knowledge of one, or interested in selling one, please contact me personally: alberto.guirola at
Kind regards,
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