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WANTED: Red Duetto. Student Film Makers want to rent your car for two days!

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We are student film makers (from UCLA and USC) doing a short film. We are looking for a red 1750 Spider Veloce or Duetto from before 1970; the same car that was driven by Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate. We would need the car for a day or two of filming. We are willing to pay a small fee and there will be insurance in addition to you being given a credit in the film.

Why you can trust us:
We recently filmed a feature film in the area called Palo Alto and went to Tribeca with it! We used a number of loaned vintage cars in our production, and everyone was satisfied with the results. We kept all of our promises and we have the references to show for it.

If you have any questions, comments, or think you can help us out by loaning us your car or steering us to someone who can loan us this car, please email or call Ian Dickinson at [email protected] or 707-280-1901

Thanks again for your help!
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Can I suggest making a plea on your local Alfa Romeo Club Board for SoCal, and maybe even NoCal as well? They have their own websites as well - you might want to contact the current President, for example and see if he can be of assistance. It's probably a better target-audience for your needs, and I'm sure there are Duetto owners within the SoCal/NoCal group, who would be happy to help with your project.

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The Graduate - redux

Besides contacting the SoCal chapter of AROC, as SlewofDamascus recommended, I also suggest you try to contact David Gooley. He has contacts within the ALFA community and also the film industry.
And if you need post-production assistance, let me know, my son works for a post-house and might be able to tie you in somehow.
Thank you so much for the information!
If you are doing some sort of film comment on The Graduate, including the driving sequences, the most important element for me would not be getting exact same car, but finding a really bad mismatch between your principal actor and your stand-in precision driver. For those from-the-back medium shots, make sure that you’re not on a process trailer, are driving too fast (slight undercrank?), and the stunt guy’s at least 25 years older than your lead and is wearing that funny old-fashioned windbreaker with the rollup hood that’s supposed to mask his identity, but doesn’t. Ah, continuity in the 60’s.
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