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Wanted: race parts for LeMons project Berlina

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I'm building a LeMons racer and I'm hoping to find some help. I need to buy and/or trade a set of race/sport springs (front and rear), bigger front swaybar and a pair of rear shocks. Used ugly parts are fine (i.e. Rusty but in good working order). I have some alfa parts to swap.... 12mm race cams (4cyl.), spica cold start cable conversion, spica K&N open filter conversion, other misc. Bits for early GTV's.
Help us strike a victory for Alfa Romeo! Thanks!
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I will have rear springs shortly and shocks, from a 74 Berlina. I'd be interested in the cams, probably not the other stuff, unless you have Spica actuators. What make are the cams?
I just gave away a 74 Spider that'll become a LeMons electric racer.
LeMons Berlina

This Berlina just finished the LeMons race at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven Michigan. 16th overall.


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**** Berlina's look good lowered.
Could you just cut down the springs for a cheap solution?
So the Berlina didn't work out...... Too rusty. The suspension pick-up points are falling apart and frame rails are junk. I don't mind racing a beater, but repair time in my spare time doesn't add up..
I'm on the look out for another donor alfa..... if anyone has a lead, please let me know.
Sigh, I just gave away a 74 Spider that's going to become an electric LeMons car.
There's a $1200 nonrunning Alfetta coupe on SF CL, which seems way high for the condition. If the seller becomes reasonable, that might be an option.
This Lemons gig is a classic. They should have more of these !

24 Hours of Lemons - Home Page

Have a read.
Any good parts on that Berlina, like good seats, bumpers, or other misc bits? :)

There's a spider project for sale up here cheap.

Where are you located?
I'm in Olympia. I've been watching CL and seen a couple of deals on spyders. I'd like to find 4 door sedan, alfetta being high on the list of low buck racers.
The Berlina is too far gone, even for most parts... Rear bumper is usable, dash is good, rear seat maybe, transmission maybe..... the rest is junk.
I sent you a PM about the Berlina to see if you have any bits for sale.

Here's a candidate:

1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Sedan doesn't run engine turns

A bit far south, but worth a look.
At half the price I'd consider the alfetta in Berkley....
Too much $ for a Lemons car.....
In the pics it looks pretty nice, probably too nice for a LeMons car. However, who knows what it needs or how long since it ran. If it's around awhile I may go look at it. Seems very high for a non-runner that needs smogging.
It's in Marin, not Berkeley.
I didn't end up buying the Berlina. The owner also had an rx7 which I did get. It will fit the Lemons format perfectly. X-racecar unfinished and abandoned. The guy just wanted it outa there. It's crusty, but lots of good parts.
I'm still looking for an Alfa for the next Lemons car, but since this Mazda fell in my lap, I'm going to see if it will run.
Where was the Berlina? I'm interested in it for parts. Can you PM me the contact info, or have a minute for a quick call?

Have fun with the RX7, love those.
I am interested in the 12mm cams. Are they available to purchase? I may not have anything to trade.
[email protected]
I am already talking to him about the cams.
Lemons Alfetta

I'd like to find 4 door sedan, alfetta being high on the list of low buck racers.
Would you be interested in an Alfetta Coupe that is already a Lemons Car? Car will be minus the motor and trans. We could talk about parts from there.
Car is very competitive. Finished 8th at Sears Pointless this year and was Top 70s Contender. Third time for that award.


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Hey alfaguy35,
i spoke with you at the Lemons race at searspoint. I drove the flat black GTI with the gold firebird on the hood #314. Thanks for the offer, but I'm holding out for a 4 door sedan. Prefer Berlina or dare I say a super. An alfetta 4 door will do, but I don't really like the driving position in the 116 series 2 door. I'm hoping to find one that is too rough for easy resto, but solid enough to race safely.
sending unit

Does your berlina have a working fuel sending unit ??
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