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Hi All,

I am looking for a relatively clean GTV6 to fix up/restore. Basically, in decent running condition but I am okay with some cosmetic problems. Light rust and bubbling doesn't scare me, nor does semi-rough interior condition, issues with trim, etc. - I'm looking for a car that is 75-80% but just needs some love. I could buy a very clean example, but I don't see the fun it that - I would rather have something I can enjoy bringing to life, and I understand the work it will entail.

If any of you have the project car that's been sitting in the garage in running condition, and you just haven't had the time for the paint / upholstery / random rusty spot, that's the car for me. I'm looking for the one that is pretty from twenty feet away, but when you get close you see the blemishes. I am also realistic for what a car in that condition costs - I'm not trying to find something for a ridiculous low price, more like the neighborhood of $5,000-8,000 depending on condition. Mostly, I am expecting to pay what I have seen for similarly rough but mechanically sound cars have been selling on BaT and eBay, but I can be flexible too.

Model year isn't super important; if I could find a red 1986 example with tan leather interior (again, even in chewed up shape) I would be in heaven, but I am all ears for anything out there. I live in Ohio but I can drive a reasonable distance or pay for shipping.

I have really grown to love this car, and I can't wait to have my own and join this amazing community.

Thanks for the help!


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I've got an 85 that I was going to start to freshen up - New paint. etc
I've owned it for about 11 years and had it on and off the road based on other cars and project needs.
Sun roof car
Nice black interior
I've converted it to the simpler Euro look with the SS bumpers/ lights But I have ALL the original stock bumpers/Front & rear lights / front valance/wheels etc. can be included. Rear shaved Euro included.



Mechanicals already done.

3.0 L Verde motor -REBUILT with about 4500 miles on it.
Complete tear down - new bearings / valve job.
10.5 pistons/liners
S Cams

Verde CR tranny - no issues

Yellow Konis - Lowered HP springs/bushings Etc.
17 Arnol Alloys

My race prep shop/engine rebuilding has got me too busy to get to it and complete the paint work and make it pretty to match the performance.

Rochester NY

Call - no text

Chris 585 330 5456
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