Does anyone have an extra spring for the fresh air flap for a Giulietta heater box I can buy? I am at beginning of putting a 1960 Giulietta Spider Normale back together (from the superb Dave Brohan, The Giulietta Studio near Chicago). Just renovated the old rusty heater box, got it put together and discovered the silliest small part is incorrect. Based on some pics I found on Alfabb, the spring is the exact opposite "wind" of the spring I need. I think the spring should hold the fresh air flap closed. Thanks for any help!

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The correct spring (there have been many on Alfabb, this was the best close up, you can see how its wound the opposite (apologies I can't remember who to credit for this!)
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The incorrect spring holds the flap toward the cable whereas it should hold it the other way so the cable pulls against the spring.
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