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Wanted: close-up pic of 64 Giulia SS Rear Window

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Hello there ! I am looking for a close-up picture of a 1964 Giulia SS Rear Window (those type of vent-windows that open in and out), to see the glass, rubber, trimming, and hardware (latch, locks)... and if you have those parts for sale, I am very interested. Otherwise, a picture will be greatly appreciated. It could also be a 1965 or 1966. Please call me or send me an e-mail. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Stephen N Verges. Home 301-942-6666, Cell 301-922-5838, e-mail [email protected]
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I have a 65 Giulia SS and will take close up photos for you this weekend.

Dear Afshin, Thank you so much. I will be looking forwards to see your pictures. Sincerely, Stephen N Verges, 301-42-6666, 301-922-5838, [email protected]
Photos sent to your email. Let me know if you do not receive them.


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