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wanted bumpers for '79 Spider Veloce

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I'm looking for bumpers (front and back for my '79 Spider.

Also would like to buy a manual or even a copy of one would be fine.

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There are a couple of alternatives that might be great for you. First, if you want to keep your car original with those really heavy bumpers, you can try Alfa Parts Exchange (A.P.E.) or E-Bay. Second, if you might enjoy lightening the load a little, there are a couple of sellers offering replacement bumpers made of Fiberglass (lighter, but probably more prone to parking damage). Third, you may be able to find and fit the earlier style ('71-'73 or '74 - I think) style chrome bumpers, which you might find through either A.P.E. or E-Bay as well.

For a great source of Alfa Parts Dealers and their links, go visit Our fellow AlfaBB member, 'Joe Cab' and his friends have done a great job with that site! You should visit it often (no, Joe didn't pay me to say that!).

Ciao and good hunting!
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