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Hi Shank,

Just to help you further in case that you can't find the correct bowls, with the removable cover at the back, in the US, I have collected a few of them over the years here in Europe. But, a used one, that deserves some attention, or a NOS one of the same type, it means a huge difference in price.
Shipping a bowl from Belgium to the US with registered mail would cost about 36 € just, for that !

Strange is that this type of bowl was originally not for the US market if the catalogs are correct. The US version bowl would have been closed at the back side. ( ...not that easy when you had to change a bulb I would think)

I have also the original Carello light units if needed. The original ones have become real rarities but reproductions are available ... although I haven't tested them. Maybe someone of the group can help you with better information in this.

If interested for anything, send me a PM.


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