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Hi All - I'm looking for an early series 2 spider, preferably from 1971 to 1974 (though my head could be turned by a slightly later model or "advantageously priced" Duetto). I am located in Toronto, Canada.

I've recently moved to a Condo, so the less wrenching I have to do on this, the better, so I'm looking for a very good to excellent car, or, if you go by Hagerty standards, a high #3 to a low #2. As with all purchasers, I do, (unfortunately) have a budget. Ideally, I am looking for a car with the "Spica" injection, very good to excellent body and frame, and solid mechanicals.

I would ideally like to purchase a "local" car (from within Ontario or Quebec) to avoid extra expenses in distance travelled and import duties and headaches - but again - for the right car, I could easily be convinced to consider an offering from either coast or one of our American friends...

Hope to hear from you soon! Cheers - Bruce
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