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Hey guys, there is something that I learned today that I want to share with you. I condemned a new Spider owners vvt solenoid that we couldn't get to activate when applying 12v to it.

He sourced a new one, and the the dead one stayed on my shelf. Tonight my curiosity took over and I decided to take the plastic end cap off, and started poking around. I eventually realized the guts would come apart and was surprised and excited to find the parts were so gritty feeling as they came out. So I cleaned the parts, lubed them up and put them back in, and tested the solenoid and it works!!! Also, did you know that putting a simple 9v battery to the blade terminals of the solenoid is enough to test it (no need to jumper 12v to it from somewhere else on the car).

So although the vvt can still fail electronically, if you test it and it doesn't trigger, check to make sure the guts aren't binding from a build up of internal crud.
Hi Mike,

Nice picture. Thanks for sharing.

Glad to hear that the VVT is working and was just needed a cleaning.

I can see the little pin that comes out of the VVT when activated and the spring that is around the pin to retract it.

Dangerous here, but I am assuming that the big pin pushes the little pin.

If I am correct, does anyone know how that big pin pushes the little pin out?

I dont understand how that little pin gets pushed out.
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