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Hi all,
Trying to decide which of these trip would make the most sense and Alfa enjoyment:
-2.5 Challenge @ California Speedway HSR West on June 20-21-22, or Laguna Seca HMSA
-Alfa Porsche Challenge @ Las Vegas on November 1-2.

I raced the Alfa Porsche Challenge back in 1997 and I loved it! I think it is great but depends on the amount of cars entered.

I have never seen the 2.5 Challenge, and have read it’s getting very interesting. I also think the amount of cars entered would make a difference.

What do you guys recommend. I will be traveling from Mexico with some Alfa owner friends and we just want to go have fun and see the Alfa WIN!!!

Thanks to all,

Eliseo Carrillo
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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