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Hi All, I have for sale a vintage Personal (Nardi) wood steering wheel. As far as I know it's mahogany. Made in Italy in 1970 (stamped 3/70). It's a flat wheel with no dish, measuring 365mm (14.5" approx). It's fairly light and only weighs 610 grams

There's no model name stamped on it, but I don't think Personal used model names on all their wheels. Stamped on the reverse side is 'Collaudo Made in Italy'.

It's in lovely condition. The wood is in superb, almost perfect condition. There are no cracks, splits or noticeable marks on the wood. There is a little patina on the spokes. I don't know if the wood is original or restored, but either way it's very nice!

It's now on ebay here


1 - 5 of 5 Posts